Sewing Machine Maintenance Set

Product Code: SMMS-5
Price: $16.50
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  • Sewing machine maintenance set
  • Set contains 5 essential tools  -  3 screwdrivers, 1 lint brush and 1 tweezer
  • Suitable for maintaining sewing machines and overlockers/sergers
  • Set of 3 screwdrivers for sewing machines - large one 110mmx5mm, small one  78mmx2.5mm and wing one 70mmx5mm.

    3 different size screwdrivers specifically designed for sewing machines and overlockers/sergers.  There is one (large 110x5mm) designed for removing the machine's top and side covers.  Also one short (wing) screwdriver (70x5mm) designed to make removing the machine's needle plate a breeze.  And one small screwdriver (78x2.5mm)  that is just the right size for adjusting your machine's bobbin case tension.


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