Hand Needles

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Assorted Needle Pack
Assorted needle pack - 25 pcs with one needle threader ..
Needle Set 50pcs
Hand needle set of 50pcs/pack Embroidery; darners; sharps; betweens ..
Needle Set 30pcs
Hand needle set of 30pcs/pack 10pcs embroidery; 8pcs darners; 12pcs sharps   ..
Snag Repair Tool
Snag repair tool (2 pcs/card) Size 1.2x6.93mm & 0.8x6mm It's handy, quick and simple to ..
Bodkins Size 17
Gold plated bodkin needle (#17) 1.46x64.5mm x 3pcs ..
Leather Needles Size 3/7
Gold plated leather needles 0.84x44 x 1pc 0.76x39.5mm x 1pc 0.69x36.5mm x 1pc ..
Knitter Needle Size 14 & 18
Gold plated knitter needles 2.03x58mm x 1pc 1.27x48.5mm x 1pcs ..
Wool Needles Size 14 & 18
Gold plated wool needles 2.03x58mm x 1pc 1.27x48.5mm x 1pc ..
Self-Threading Needle Size 4/8
Gold plated self-threading needles 0.76x40mm x 2pcs 0.76x37mm x 2pcs 0.76x34mm x 2pcs ..
Beading Size 10/13
Gold plated beading needles (10/13) 0.45x55mm x 2pcs 0.41x48.5mm x 2pcs ..
Cross Stitch Size 24
Gold plated cross stitch needles 0.76x37mm x 6pcs ..
Cross Stitch Size 26/28
Gold plated cross stitch needles (26/28) 0.61x34mm x 3pcs 0.61x33mm x 2pcs ..
Tapestry Size 18/22
Gold plated tapestry needles (18/22) 1.27x48.5mm x 1pcs 1.09x44mm x 2pcs 0.94x40.5mm x 3pcs ..
 Yarn Darners Size 14/18
Gold plated darner needles (14/18) 2.03x75mm x 1pcs 1.83x69mm x 1pcs 1.63x66mm x 1pcs 1.42x63...
Embroidery 5/10
Gold plated embroidery needles 0.76x41.5mm x 3pcs 0.69x38.5mm x 6pcs 0.61x34mm x 6pcs ..
Embroidery Size 3/9
Gold plated embroidery needles 0.86x45mm x 3pcs 0.76x41.5mm x 4pcs 0.69x38.5mm x 4pcs 0.61x34m..
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