Sewing Scissors

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Set of 2 Pairs Scissors with Floral Handle
These unique and beautiful scissors make the perfect gift for any sewer and embroiderer.  Set i..
Buttonhole Scissors
Buttonhole scissors (adjustable) For precision dressmaking, buttonhole scissors add the finishing..
Sewing Scissors 130mm (5")
Sewing scissors with soft grip Size: 130mm(5") cut: 50mm(2") ..
Sewing scissors 165mm (6-1/2")
Sewing scissors 165x2.5mm (6-1/2") ..
Applique Scissors 150mm (6")
Duckbill scissors  150mm(6") with offset handle & wide blade for plush fabric, appliqu..
Sewing Scissors 135mm (5-1/2")
Sewing scissors 135x2mm (5-1/2") ..
Sewing Scissors (Serrated) 178mm (7")
Dressmaking scissors 178mm(7"),   serrated ..
Sewing Scissors 178mm (7")
Sewing scissors 178mm (7")  with cap ..
Sewing Scissors 140mm (5-1/2")
Sewing scissors with protector cap  140mm (5-1/2") * for sophiscated dressmakers, quilter..
Sewing Scissors with Floral Handle  5"
Sewing scissors with floral handle  130mm (5") overall length. *Sharp point with large ..
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