Thread Clippers & Snippets

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Craft Clips (Extra Small) 50 or 20 Pack
Extra small size : 27 x 7/3.5mm   Opening : 6mm  50pcs/pack or 20pcs/pack Multi-pu..
Ergonomic Thread Clipper TC130C
Ergonomic Thread Clipper with super soft cushion handle (TPR material) available in pink, orange and..
Black Thread Clipper  TC-805B
Genuine "Golden Eagle" brand  Black Thread Clipper     TC-805B packed ..
Black Thread Clipper with Cap TC-805BC
Genuine "Golden Eagle" brand  Black Thread Clipper with  Bonus Leather Cap  ..
Squeeze Snips w/Lanyard (Curved Blades)
Squeeze snip curved blades fits into safety rubber tip on a convenient neck strap (lanyard). It c..
Thread Clipper
Thread clip/snip 120x30mm (4-3/4") w/strap Squeeze snip  TC9000 straight blades  f..
Thread Clipper
It's quick to snip and won't get in the way of your natural work flow. It also doubles as a ..
Squeeze Snips (Spring Loaded) (Curved Blades)
4-3/4" (120mm) Spring action snippers,  curved blades with protective cap,  squeeze s..
Thread Clipper
Thread clipper (snipper) - forged steel Straight or curved blades available. ..
Embroidery Scissors / Snip
Squeeze snip, 115mm (4-1/2") ..
Squeeze Snips w/Lanyard
Squeeze snip straight or curved blades fits into safety rubber tip on a convenient neck strap (lanya..
Squeeze Nippers 123cm (4-7/8")
Spring loaded squeeze snip, with straight or curved blades 123mm (4-7/8") long ..
Seam Ripper +Thread Clipper
Seam ripper clipper Rip seams and clip thread tails with one tool.  The angled nose get..
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