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"M" Style Bobbins (Steel) with Knurled Stem for Quick Winding
"M" style large bobbins, steel (nickel plated) with  knurled stem for quick wind..
Pre-wound Bobbin Thread  75D/2 White "M" Style
Pre-wound bobbin thread with cardboad sides - polyester 75D/2,  "M" style fits most l..
Pre-wound Bobbin Thread  420D/1 White "M" Style
Pre-wound bobbin thread without paper sides (sideless) - polyester 420D/1,  "M" style..
Pre-wound Bobbin Thread 70D/2 White
Pre-wound bobbin thread with cardboard sides - polyester 70D/2,  "L" style fit most e..
Pre-wound Bobbin Thread 75D/2 Black
Pre-wound bobbin thread without paper sides - polyester 75D/2,  "L" style fit most em..
Bobbin Storage Box Bernina Jumbo Bobbins
Bobbin Box with lid  -  Holds 23 Bernina jumbo bobbins for new 7 and 8 series Keep your..
Bobbin & Spool Buddies
#BSH-100/12  12pcs/ plastic jar  mixed colours and colour will vary. Keep Thread Tai..
Bobbin & Spool Buddies
#BM-100/20  20pcs/ plastic jar Bobbin Mates.  All your bobbins and threads matched up a..
Bobbin & Spool Buddies
Bobbin Clamps/Clips #BC-100/20  20pcs/plastic jar  Bobbin clips  -   ..
Bernina Metal Bobbin
Metal bobbin fits Bernina models: 15, 530, 534, 700, 701, 707, 708, 709, 710, 717, 729, 73..
White Rotary Bobbin (Metal)
Bobbin (metal)  #744   Fits Kenmore Sewing Machine Models: 25, 30, 54, 55, 56..
Bobbin Box BB25 (Transparent)
$3.50 each or $7.50 for 3  ($2.50 each)   Bobbin box w/hinged lid  (holds 25 bo..
Plastic Bobbin 506417  Singer Genuine
Item No.  506417  Plastic bobbin (genuine Singer) *Diameter x Height:27.4x7.1mm ..
Plastic Bobbins  2518P-SIN
Item No.  #2518P-SIN  Genuine Singer plastic bobbin for Singer and also Janome, Brother, B..
Plastic  Bobbin #9033P Pfaff
 Item No. 9033P  Plastic bobbin for Pfaff Bobbin;Plastic, 21.6x6x8.6mm  Diameter x..
Metal  Bobbin #9033  Pfaff
Item No.  9033  Metal bobbin for Pfaff Bobbin (Steel):  22 x 5.95x 8.8 mm  Di..
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