Genuine Janome Needles

Product Code: HAx1-11SP/5 Ball Point #11
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Genuine Janome needles  HAx1SP  size: #11   "Chrome colour"  ball point,  5 pcs per pack  (#888810007)

This is a special version of the 15x1 for stretch or elastic materials or tightly woven knits . It is made to higher standards, it has a 'snake's head' shape due to a combination of a slightly bulged eye and a slightly reduced blade above the eye. The bulged eye opens a slightly larger space in the material and the thinner blade above the eye reduces contact between the material and the needle. This reduces friction and needle heating and prevents skipped stitches. 

for strech, synthetics and embroidery as well as for Janome overlockers models: 

  • 1110DX , 134D, 204D, 434DR, 634D, 644D, 7034D, 734D, 744D, 9002D, HF3434D, HF504D, HF9102D, HF7933, 8002D
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