Compass Cutter Set

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Compass Cutter set (S-20+C-201+C-610+C-101)

The Dafa Compass Cutter can create circles from 10mm to 150mm. The ratchet knob locks size into place and the stationary pivot ensures perfect circles. Great for cutting any light-weight material. 6 spare blades and 2 pencil leads are included.
  • The  Compass Cutter is convenient tool for cutting or drawing perfect circles.
  • Designed with durable yet lightweight materials and a slim profile.
  • The Compass Cutter is an easily portable tool.  Can be carried around in a small bag or purse.

Used for cutting tasks at home, office, school, workshop etc..

Each consists of:
* C101 Compass cutter with 6 spare blades & 2 pencil leads
* S20   Acrylic ruler 20cm with stainless steel edge for cutting
* C610 Art knife with 10 spare blades & safety cap
* C201 Snap-off blade cutter 'S'

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