10X Plastic Bobbin #136492001 (#SA155) Brother/Babylock

Product Code: Plastic Bobbin #136492001
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Plastic bobbin  Diameter x Height: 21.2 x 9mm  Axis Diameter: 6.1 mm

Package of 10 bobbin.  Quality bobbins made to exact sewing machine's specifications

for Brother B349/351/352, CS8072, PC2800, PC3000, PC8500, PE150, ULT2001/2/3, B-547, B-697, B-827, BS-500, BS-1000,C-500, EL-130,EL-135,M-825, M-825S, M-985, M-3100, PC-6000(M-965), PS-2300, PS-2500, SG-3100D, SG-3000, SG-2100(M-995),STAR-2, STAR-3, STAR-10, STAR-20E, STAR-30E, PE100, PE200, PC1000, PC4000, PC6000, PC7000, PC8200, PS1900, PS1950  

Bernina Deco 500,600; 

Babylock 2100, 2150, 6000, 6150, 6200, 6600, 6700, 7500, 8000, 8500, 9500, EM1, EM2, ESE, ESI, ES12, ESP, ESN, ESG2, ESG3, SO FRO 100, Sonata 6680C, 66


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